10 Reasons To Have Your Wedding At A Hotel

October 2015
10 Reasons To Have Your Wedding At A Hotel
  1. Beautiful courtyards and wedding venues. This means all parts of the wedding can happen in one place and guests are not travelling from location to location.
  2. A Dedicated Wedding Co-ordinater. A Wedding Co-ordinater assists in the planning process and could save the bride and groom a lot of unwanted and unnecessary stress. When booking with a hotel- the wedding co-ordinators role is included. They will be there throughout the planning stage and will be present on the day of your wedding to ensure that everything runs smoothly. They also let you know when decisions and deadlines need to be met by and how they should be approached.

  3. Various Rooms. Many hotels, like the Dunsilly, have two different rooms for weddings, which means you can choose your specific room for your special day.rsz weddings at dunsilly

  4. Airports. A lot of hotels are situated near airports, this means there is easy access for your wedding guests to get to and from your venue.

  5. The free Wifi. Internet is an essential part of modern life and now an absolute must at weddings. Family members who can’t make it in person can now watch a video or see instant images of the happy couple from anywhere around the world.

  6.  Hotels Have Bedrooms. This means you can relax and enjoy the occasion and not have to worry about driving or making your way home that night, which means you can indulge in the occasion with friends and family for longer.  bedroom

  7. The Views and Grounds. Some hotels are set within their own grounds which means the views can be extraordinary and add that special sentiment to a very special today.

  8. Discounted Prices For The Wedding Guests. Most hotels, like us offer rooms for discounted prices for guests of the wedding. This means when you are booking the rooms it will keep the cost down but still allow the wedding guests to stay and enjoy the evening.

  9. A Room to Prepare. When having your ceremony and reception in the same venue- you can choose to stay the night before and get ready in the hotel. This can help to bring a calm, relaxed feel to your preparations on the morning of the wedding.

  10. Special. Weddings in hotels are very personal, welcoming and romantic. You and your guests get looked after from the moment you walk through the door, down the aisle and walk out of the hotel to enjoy your honeymoon. rsz champagne

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