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Meet Rosie

We are sure that our Rosie needs very little introductions, but for those who are unaware of who Rosie is get yourself a cup of tea (or come to Dunsilly Hotel & Rosie will make it for you) & take two minutes to read all about our Rosie!

1.What is your job role here at Dunsilly Hotel?

My job role here at Dunsilly Hotel is that I am in charge of the Coffee Bar. This involves looking after the main reception area, the coffee bar and the gallery which can be extremely busy a lot of the time.

I’ve built up a very good cliental of very regular customers who have been coming to the hotel for year.

I am also in charge of all weddings, parties & dinners that require full dinner service.   

2.How long have you worked at Dunsilly Hotel?

I’ve been an employee at Dunsilly Hotel for just over 13 years, but I have been with the McKeever Group for almost 25/26 years, maybe more if you go back to the McKeever days in Granagh House, Randalstown.

3.What is your favourite thing about working at Dunsilly Hotel?

My favourite thing about working at Dunsilly Hotel is getting to meet so many different people of different cultures. Being able to have great conservations with them and informing them about places of interest (or some maybe not so interesting) and receiving compliments and good feed back from them all.

 4.Tell us about your most memorable moment whilst working at the hotel?

My most memorable moments while working at the hotel would be at Christmas time when we have groups of special needs guests from our Adult Centres and kids with special needs coming into the hotel to enjoy themselves.

I am able to interact with them and work with them to understand with it is they want and to see and help them enjoy themselves.

But most of all to be there to see the big smiles on their faces when Santa walks into the room.

5.Lastly, what makes Dunsilly Hotel so special?

What makes Dunsilly Hotel special is that the hotel was built up from a very small pub that my mother & father use to drink in, and to see it now as a very successful hotel. I served many happy functions – weddings, special parties & various celebrations. Dunsilly is a hotel that can offer its service for any occasion.

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