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Archives for March 2024

Room for change: McKeever Hotels Go ‘Green for Clean’

NI Children’s Hospice to benefit from sustainable housekeeping initiative. We, McKeever Hotels, a family-owned and operated hospitality business headquartered in Antrim, are proud introduced a new sustainable housekeeping initiative as part of our fund-raising drive for the Northern Ireland Children’s Hospice. ‘Green Rooms’ offers all guests the chance to reconsider their housekeeping requirements throughout their stay in McKeever’s NI hotels (Dunadry Hotel & Gardens, Corr’s … [Read more...]

Meet Nicole Gilchrist: Juggling Hotel Keys and Motherhood with Grace

Here at Dunsilly Hotel, we're not just a team; we're a family. And at the heart of this family is Nicole Gilchrist, our Front Office Manager, who effortlessly juggles the demands of hotel life with the joys of being a mum to Alex and Sophie. Nicole's journey in the hospitality industry began during her university days when she embarked on a placement in a hotel events office. Little did she know that this would ignite her passion for the industry. From covering maternity posts to mastering … [Read more...]