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Meet Nicole Gilchrist: Juggling Hotel Keys and Motherhood with Grace

Here at Dunsilly Hotel, we’re not just a team; we’re a family. And at the heart of this family is Nicole Gilchrist, our Front Office Manager, who effortlessly juggles the demands of hotel life with the joys of being a mum to Alex and Sophie.

Nicole’s journey in the hospitality industry began during her university days when she embarked on a placement in a hotel events office. Little did she know that this would ignite her passion for the industry. From covering maternity posts to mastering roles in conferencing and reservations, Nicole’s dedication and hard work paved her path to becoming the Front Office Manager here at Dunsilly Hotel.

In the dynamic world of hospitality, being a working mum presents its unique set of challenges and triumphs. Being a superhero at work and at home requires a balancing act, and Nicole does it with finesse. With two young children, Nicole acknowledges the support of her family, especially her parents, whose help with childcare is invaluable. It’s this support system that allows her to seamlessly manage the hustle and bustle of hotel life while cherishing moments with her little ones.       

In the midst of hotel chaos, Nicole knows the importance of carving out “me-time” and quality family moments. Whether it’s stealing a few hours in the morning while the kids are at school or making the most of precious family time, Nicole ensures that every moment counts.

As a mum, Nicole brings invaluable lessons of patience and compassion into her management style. Understanding that not everything can be planned and embracing the beauty of messy situations, she leads her team with grace and understanding.

For other mums venturing into the hospitality industry, Nicole’s advice is simple yet profound: have patience. Organise, plan ahead, and remember that while the journey may be tough initially, the rewards are worth it.

On Mother’s Day, even amidst her late shift at work, Nicole plans to savour moments of relaxation with her family. A cosy morning on the sofa, surrounded by love and laughter, is her idea of rolling out the red carpet for herself.

Reflecting on the chaos, joy, and humour of being a working mum in a bustling hotel, Nicole recalls the magical moments of Santa Sunday, a cherished tradition at Dunsilly Hotel. “Setting up Santa Sunday is always a whirlwind of excitement and anticipation,” she reflects. “It’s a joy to see the delight on children’s faces as they experience the magic of the season.”

She chuckles as she recalls a humorous incident from one particular Santa Sunday. “I remember meeting my family at our sister hotel (Dunadry Hotel and Gardens) for their Santa Sunday after a busy morning at Dunsilly Hotel. It was a hilarious moment when I reminded my kids that Santa was coming to my work too, ensuring their behaviour stayed in check throughout December!”

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, let’s also applaud Nicole for her dedication, her humour, and her unwavering commitment to making every moment special for our guests, her work family and her children too.

Cheers to you, Nicole, a shining example of success for working mothers in hospitality.

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